The Denver Magic Show

Thursday, March 7 | Avenue Grill

See William Rader and Gregg Tobo perform incredible magic and mind reading the first Thursday of every month at the Avenue Grill.

Thursday, March 7th

William Rader


William is the Founder of the Denver Magic Show. He builds crowds at trade shows throughout the country as well as performs at corporate functions. His clients include Agilent, Prudential, MassMutual, and Eaton.

Gregg Tobo


Gregg is the co-producer of the Denver Magic Show. He's been a professional magician for the past decade and specializes in mathematics. He can recite 1,149 digits of Pi and ranks in the top 100 for Pi memorization.

What People Are Saying

We were more than thrilled with the performance. The audience was engaged, they laughed, and had a good time. I highly recommend the show!

Annette Mainland

The show was very energetic and really got the people out of their chairs and on their feet. We had a great time and everyone really enojyed it. It really topped the night!

Christi Roney

The show was filled with amazing magic that I'm still trying to wrap my head around. The performers were all excellent. I can't wait to attend the show next month!

Tommy Walker

The show was simply amazing! This is a great date night or show to see with your friends. The acts are all top notch and I can't wait to see the next one.

Bob Brown

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